Where will better balance take you?

Did you know that balance changes daily? And that it offers unique insight into your health and your habits? Wherever you are on your balance journey, measuring yours will help you reach your goals.

Measure and track balance at home with the Zibrio SmartScale and the Zibrio Balance Coach app.

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How simple is it to measure your balance on the Zibrio SmartScale? As simple as standing for 60 seconds with your eyes open! When the test is complete, you will receive a balance score between 1 and 10. The accompanying app helps you understand your score and narrow down how your habits are affecting your balance.

Zibrio RX – Balance Measurement Technology for Healthcare and Athletic Training Professionals

Our quick, objective balance test can allow doctors to provide better care to their patients during office visits and enable physical therapists and personal trainers to easily track their clients’ progress.