Zibrio SmartScale

Did you know balance is fundamental to good health?

Good physical balance means you’re looking after your health and fitness. Giving you time to fulfill your goals, travel, build a legacy, love your life.

Poor balance can mean your body is declining, and it starts sooner than you think. Until now, it’s been difficult to measure until after the problem becomes deep rooted.

You can change that right now. Everyone has a right to understand their inner health, and Zibrio is here to help. Poor balance isn’t inevitable, and can be improved at any stage of life. The first step is to know where you are today.

How does it work? Stand on the Zibrio SmartScale for 1 minute to get a measure of how well you are balancing today. You get a score from 1-10.

7-10 = good balance, and 1-3 mean a high risk of falling.

Download the free Zibrio Balance Coach app to your smart phone to enable you to store and track your balance scores, gain access to your personalized balance profile, and understand what actions to take to help improve, or maintain your balance.

Who needs it? All humans need to have good balance, but until now it’s been impossible to measure outside of specialist clinics. Good balance is the key to help athletes avoid injury (studies show up to 40% reduction in knee/ankle injuries when balance training is included); as well as for the ‘normal’ population to age healthily and avoid the loss of independence that often follows a bad fall.

Why doesn’t this already exist? Large balance measuring machines do exist in specialist balance clinics. Our innovation is to shrink down the technology and add in our patented algorithm to detect tiny changes in patterns of stability.

When will I receive my SmartScale? We are open for pre-orders. Pre-ordering allows us to order and pay for parts before beginning our production run, and means we can get the scales out sooner. We expect to ship your scale in September 2019.