Zibrio SmartScale (Pre-order)

Zibrio SmartScale (Pre-order)


Note that this product is only available for pre-order. You will be charged now, but the product will not be delivered until approx. April 2020.

Measure and track your balance at home with a simple, safe, 60-second test. When the test is complete, a balance score is displayed and the edges light up red, yellow, or green to correspond with your fall risk level.*

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The Zibrio SmartScale is intended to measure balance in adults age 18 and up. (The balance measurement algorithm is not optimized for children, whose bodies are still growing.)

The accompanying mobile app, "Zibrio Balance Coach," pairs with the scale and can be used to operate the balance test, if desired. Used together, the Zibrio Balance Coach app and SmartScale are intended to be a system to help users improve their balance by making healthier lifestyle choices. However, a smartphone is not required, and the SmartScale can still be used to measure balance without a smartphone.

The Zibrio Smartscale is intended to be used to gather objective information about an individual’s balance, or postural stability. This information should not be used by itself to diagnose any medical condition or disease. Consult your doctor about your balance and any fears you may have about falling.

*Research findings presented at American Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2019 and will be published soon.