+ How often should I answer the Balance Profile Questions?

Fill them out to start with, and then review them when something changes. For example, your mood and how rested you feel can change on a daily basis, whereas the number of medications you take are less likely to change as frequently.

+ I can’t do weight training, isn’t there something else I can do to help my balance?

Leg strength is very important for balance, and as we age, we have to work harder to maintain muscle strength. If weight training isn’t possible for you, speak to a personal trainer or physical therapist about the right exercises for you to build that strength. The sit-stand strength test is one exercise you can do to help boost balance. Tai Chi has also been shown in multiple studies to be very effective in improving balance.

+ Why is my “strength” balance profile section still red even though I changed my answers in that section?

Have you completed the strength test? Click ‘Check my Balance’ on the main screen under your balance profile and select the green circle that says ‘strength test’ and follow the instructions. Enter the number of times you can complete the exercise in the time limit. This will influence your strength color.

+ Is it possible to score 10/10 for balance?

Yes, but only people with exceptionally good balance would score 10 (think balance professionals like tightrope acrobats, gymnasts etc), and even they wouldn’t do it every day.

+ My Balance Profile is all green, but my score is in the yellow.

How is that possible? There are a number of possible reasons. If you have just completed a hard workout, your muscles will be fatigued in the short term, leading to a lower score (even though hard workouts are good for balance overall). Also, any small movement during the test will count as a pertubation – did you fidget, scratch an itch, cough, move your head? If so, try doing the test again. Also, make sure you’ve answered the questions for the Balance Profile for how you feel today, and the type of exercise you have done this week. It makes a big difference.

+ When I try to set up my account for the first time, I get an error message: "email was already used".

First check that you have a good internet connection, as sometimes this error message is displayed when the app can’t access the internet. If the problem persists, even with good connectivity, and you haven’t used this email address to access any version of the BalanceCoach app, please contact us using the support form below. If you have used an email address before but have forgotten the password, click ‘forgot password’ link to reset it.

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