We’re living longer. We want to love every minute.

When an expert on human motor control (and elite athlete) and a mathematician are tasked with measuring human balance in space, you would be right to expect innovation.

Zibrio’s patented technology uses in-depth knowledge of postural control and the power of machine learning to measure tiny changes in balance. We refined the procedure, are testing it against best-in-class measurements available here on earth and working with some of the fittest people in the world: astronauts.

But we weren’t satisfied. Then we correlated our findings with fall risk assessments in frail populations until the advantage became clear:

  • A one minute test, on a simple platform that is so intuitive that the average person can use it on themselves, in the comfort of their own home, to enhance their performance, or prevent injury.
  • A sensitivity that can detect balance changes in both the fittest and the most frail, without dangerous actions like standing on one leg or closing their eyes.
  • A test that can streamline current clinical methods for evaluating fall risk in patients, saving doctors time and hospitals money and getting help to those who need it before they fall.
  • A test that shows what’s working when physical therapists rehabilitate post-op and injured patients.

Even though falls are the most common cause of accidental death in people over 65, and 28% of this population fall each year, the current best predictor of a fall is if someone has already fallen.

In the last century, technology developed to assess heart disease risk via blood pressure, and diabetes risk via blood sugar. But nothing has been done about falling.

Study after study has shown that falling is not a normal part of aging. Even though muscles weaken and eyesight deteriorates, the human body is brilliantly adaptive. In almost every case, improvements to balance and subsequent reduction of falls has been recorded when people do the right exercise, and take the right preventative measures with their health.

It’s hard to manage weight loss or muscle building without a measurement. It’s equally hard to improve balance – to know what you’re doing is effective – if you can’t measure it.

We’re here to change that.

Zibrio is proud of our genesis in space technology. To find out more about the Certified Space Technology program, click here