Are you passionate about balance, agility, and health?

Join the Balance Movement: Become a Balance Ambassador

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  • $100 discount on your Zibrio SmartScale

  • Free access to Balance Specialist Training Course, giving you insider access to the latest balance science

  • Inspiring balance content to share with your clients or followers

  • Be profiled on Zibrio channels

  • Receive a portion of sale when you refer friends or clientsBe part of a passionate, empowering network

    Zibrio is passionate about empowering people. We believe that improving your balance can change the course of your life. From improving physical performance today to living life more confidently, balance is critical to every movement we make.

Your passion is educating people and helping them improve their physical performance through training and/or advice. You love passing on trusted techniques and proven technologies that can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Transformation can happen at any age, and together we can change more lives.

We give you the tools to measure balance, and scientifically validated methods to understand and help improve it.

Minimum Requirements

  • Purchase a Zibrio SmartScale (40% discount)

  • Educate your network about:

    • Understanding their balance

    • Balance training

    • Power of measuring balance

  • Social media post 1 x per week about balance, tagging Zibrio