Fall Prevention is about Living

“Falls are the # 1 cause of admissions to trauma centers, and many patients die. Using the Zibrio SmartScale has the power to change lives”

Dr John Holcomb, Trauma Surgeon

In a recent study, people who used the Zibrio SmartScale experienced 50% fewer falls than the year before. 

Measuring your balance and fall risk empowers and reassures you so you can live life confidently.

Did you know that your balance changes daily? And those changes offer unique insights into your health? Don’t be left in the dark, track your balance and know where you stand. Wherever you are on your balance journey, the Zibrio SmartScale can help you live a full life and prevent falls.

Track your balance and fall risk.

Discover what’s helping and hurting your balance today.


It gives me more confidence” – Geneva, 78

Helps me take better care of myself” – Sarah, 85

Motivates me to participate in exercise” – Cleve, 92

This is great! I want one!” – former NFL player

“Helps me be my best” – Pat, 62