We’re living longer. Mobility is vital.

Having good balance is key to keeping healthy and independent. Poor balance can become a problem at any age, and it can be improved at any age.

Balance testing in specialist clinics and individualized balance training are available today, but most people don’t realize they have a problem until after a fall. The team at Zibrio wants to change that, our solution is the missing piece of the quantified self.

Our patented technology was created to measure astronauts on return from spaceflight. Its high sensitivity detects even small changes in balance, which, when tracked on a daily or weekly basis, can give valuable insight to your overall health.

Since we began testing in the general population, we’ve helped people from 40 to 90 years old to understand their health, and realize their goals of continued mobility and independence.

There’s no pill to fix bad balance;  the side effects of what we offer are knowledge and independence. We believe this is a good thing.

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